Slash an enemy four times.
— Official description
Blade Fury
Type Single-target attack (4 hits)
Effect (base damage x1.3) Melee damage

(Base damage x1.0) Melee damage

(base damage x0.7) Melee damage

(Base damage x 0.4) Melee damage

Energy cost 50
Requires Level 20

Slash Throat

Equipped dagger

The Blade Fury is a rogue ability. It hits an enemy 4 times in rapid succession.


This ultimate skill is one of the assassin's multi-hit combos. It works similar to Gut, with the only difference that Blade Fury hits the enemy one more time. The fourth hit deals half the damage of the third hit, which means barely more damage than Gut itself. However, this hit can also crit by itself and with a high base damage, its rate can go even higher.

Despite its effectiveness, Gut may be preferred over Blade Fury due to its lower energy cost and reliability.

This ability works only with dagger-wielding rogues.