Battles are short clashes that occur between two teams.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Battles are the core aspect of Rise of Champions. They take place in a rocky forest, where two teams fight. The objective is to incapacitate the opposing team's members by using various abilities. When either side has its team down, the match ends and the standing team wins. Loot and experience points are rewarded based on the performance of the two teams.

Battles can be fought as a single match, an arena match or an event battle.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Battles are fought in game seconds. Seconds pass based on the speed of the participating characters. When a character has its speed meter full, it takes a turn and it can use an ability. After that the character's meter empties and some energy is taken. As time passes, each character takes turns and regenerates their health and energy until they are dead. The player with the last standing character wins.

A character can use three kinds of abilities:

  • Spells/attacks: they are offensive and deal damage on an enemy target. More advanced spells deal additional status effects.
  • Buffs: they enhance the capabilities of friendly targets. They either boost damage, resistance or other attributes and have a prolonged effect.
  • Debuffs: they work the opposite as buffs: they limit the enemy champions' capabilities or make them more vulnerable to other spells.
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