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Archaic Fragments are used to evolve Mutations.


Game-wise, they can be acquired through opening Mystery Boxes with Keys or participating in the Story. However, they can still be bought from the General Shop with Diamonds and from the Tourney Shop with RP. Additionally, they are available in Special Event packs, and through the redemption of Special Event achievements.

Lore-wise, they are fragments buried in the ground. Their existence gave rise to the Fleeting, Gigantism, and Aura Mutations. Dirwan theorizes that they were once part of some large whole which was shattered. Close proximity to them enhances the rate of mutation exponentially. Ingesting the fragments causes enhanced senses and evolves the mutations. The origin of the fragments is unrevealed.

Method Rate Image
Mystery Box 10%
Difficulty 1 - 4:

1 Fragment / Difficulty (First Run)
Difficulty 5 - 9:

2 Fragments / Difficulty (First Run)
Difficulty 10:

10 Fragments / Difficulty (First Run)
General Shop
5 Archaic Fragments / 20 Diamonds
20 Archaic Fragments / 65 Diamonds
50 Archaic Fragments / 140 Diamonds

Shop: Resources (p. 8)

Tourney Shop
1 Key / 16 RP
5 Keys / 80 RP
20 Keys / 260 RP
50 Keys / 560 RP
Packages Various

Certain packs offered Archaic Fragments, such as the "Black Magic Friday" packs.

Redemption of Special Events Awards Various