Temporarily increase your resistance to magic attacks while decreasing resistance to physical damage.
— Official description
Arcane Shield
Type Single-target buff
Effect +75% magic resistance

-75% physical resistance

Duration 5 secs
Energy cost 20
Requires Level 4

The Arcane Shield is a mage ability. It temporarily increases a friendly champion's resistance against magic attacks at a great rate.

Usage[edit | edit source]

This spell sees limited usage throughout battles. It depends on the enemy team's constitution whether this ability is useful or not: if the majority of the hostile team consists of mages, then Arcane Shield shines. However, when the opposite occurs, this spell may go as far as to wasting a valuable ability slot on the skillbar. For maximum efficiency, it should be used in conjunction with Frost Armor.

When the Shield can prove useful, it should target a friendly unit with either the lowest hitpoints or the lowest armor rate so that spells will have as low effect as possible. Other than that, it should be left until the very last second, when either few (and weak) champions are present in your team or most of your champions are low on health and face a heavy stream of magic spells.

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