Ancient Golem
Unit stats
Health N/a
Energy N/a
Speed gain N/a
Abilities Uephaval

Ancient call

The Ancient Golem is the final boss of the Golem of the Ruins event. It is fought alone when faced.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Type Effect Duration Cost
Smash Standard melee attack - - -
Uephaval Multi-target attack +10% stun - -
Ancient call Self-buff +50% damage 3 sec. -

Description[edit | edit source]

The Golem is a powerhouse, having both high health and damage output. It may be devastating at first glance, and it really is. Having an undepletable energy bar and incredible speed ratio, the Golem excels in quick and powerful strikes. Its single attacks are very powerful, but when it uses its Ancient Call to buff his damage even more and calls Upheaval, it can severely damage the entire team in rapid succession. Killing this beast means a well-deserved treasure.

Tips and strategies[edit | edit source]

To beat the Golem, you need to use every skill at your disposal. Shielding your team against is necessary, as well as maximizing damage output is needed to kill the Golem quickly before things get out of control. Heal your champions whenever needed and do not be afraid to use all your energy on it. This boss battle is a war of attrition, where you need to slowly but surely deplete the Golem's health bar.

The Golem uses no stamina for its skills, as well as it is fairly resistant against bleed and stuns. However, it is vulnerable to burn, so get those Burning Shots and Fireballs and light the Golem up. Burning lasts very long and therefore multiple stack-ups can allow rogues and mages to deal the massive damage required to finish it off.

The Golem usually powers up itself with an Ancient Call before striking with multiple Upheavals. Use these turns to buff your team up or counterattack the beast before it gets its next turn.

In later levels, your champions get powerful individual damage buffs at their disposal. Use Cosmic Gamble, Setup and Enrage to get the bonus damage you need.

Below is a table that will be filled up in time with additional info. All the value are level 20 but tiers effects the stats. Once the boost value is worked out per tier can start on lower levels.

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