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Item Alteration is unlocked when the Blacksmith reaches level 15. It allows the Player to alter the Runes of their items.


Blacksmith panel. The yellow "Alteration" button will bring the Player to the Item Alteration page.

Item Alteration page. Items can be dragged from the inventory to the blue-bordered box.

The Item Alteration page can be accessed through the "Alteration" button at the bottom of the Blacksmith panel.

The left section has three points of interest:

  1. A "Selected Item" section that features a blue-bordered box that the Player can drag their item into.
  2. A "Select Rune" section that allows the Player to choose between altering the Major or Minor Rune of the selected Item.
  3. A "Cost" section that shows the total amount of Refined Essence the Player is in possession of an the required Cost to alter the desired Rune of the desired Item one time. The blue "Alter" button below this section will proceed with the process and alter the selected Item. The "Get Refined Essence" button will open the Shop: Refined Essence from the General Shop.

The right section of the page features a list of the items in the Player's Inventory. There are four options to sort these items:

  1. By type: Weapons, Armor, Helmets, Gloves, Boots, Artifacts.
  2. By Rarity
  3. By Value
  4. By time of acquisition
  5. By Class

The yellow "Reverse" button will reverse the order the items are sorted.


Unlike Re-enchanting, Item Melding only targets one Rune. If a Player is satisfied with one of the Runes of an item and wishes to keep it, Item Alteration allows the Player to change only the Rune that they are unsatisfied with.

Additionally, Item Alteration will only produce Tier 3 Runes, whereas Re-enchanting will produce a random tier of Rune.


The Cost of Item Alteration depends on the Rarity of the selected Item. Altering the Major or Minor Rune will cost the same amount of Refined Essence. The Cost of altering Items of different Rarities are shown below:

Rarity Cost
Unreal 200 Refined Essence
Legendary 200 Refined Essence
Epic 175 Refined Essence
Flawless 150 Refined Essence
Supreme 125 Refined Essence
Grand 100 Refined Essence
Rare 75 Refined Essence
Uncommon 50 Refined Essence
Common N/A — "This item isn't magical!"


  1. Item Alteration was added on December 16th, 2015, through the v1.058 Update.
  2. Item Alteration's costs were halved on December 2nd, 2017, through the v1.091 Update. For example, before this update, Unreal/Legendary items required 400 Refined Essence to be altered.