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Access Game with Flash Ending[]

Linking your account[]

For people who are not playing the game on the official site of riseofchampions.com , they may no longer be able to access their account into the new year. THE GAME IS BEING DELISTED ALONG WITH ALL OTHER FLASH GAMES.

Given this, there is a way to LINK your account to a username and password that you can access your account on the official page. 

To do this: 

  • Go into the settings page in your account: 

    First click the options menu

  • Click 'Link Account' in the top right 
    Account linking

    Under options menu the linking should look like this.

  • IMPORTANT - In this window you are creating a NEW username and password to access this very account at https://riseofchampions.com 
  • NOTE: You are not creating an account on the official page, and then re-registering it in this window. The link window 'is' registering your new account to your character for you automatically. 

Fill in the new log-in info here.

There is still a major issue though, you cannot play the game on the official site once flash is blocked, however, you can play the game from your computer.


Using the Downloadable Game Client[]

The game will not be accessible on flash on any major browser. To battle this during the interim as the Unity client gets developed, you are able to download the game and play it directly from your computer.

To do this, download the game client at:

Download Game Client

Download For Mac

  • After downloading the zip file, right click it and extract. It will generate a new folder.
Extract file
  • Go into that folder, and you will be presented with two files:
  • DRAG the 'Game' file INTO the flashplayer to force the game to open with flashplayer
  • (NOTE) You can resize the client a bit if you click 'View' and 'Show All' and then resize the window, however you may also get some defects from the original view

Alternative browser[]

If you have hard time with above you can use a working browser that allows flash.


Select the device you are using to get the correct puffin browser to download. Visit puffin.com

Note that you can get 1 month free trial and then it will cost $1 per month. Phone version was free last time i checked,


Having Issues?[]

Get on discord and ask for help!